Be a more informed feminist!

The waves of feminism, explained!If you have no idea which wave of feminism we’re in right now, this is a good start! Radical Freedom and FeminismThe connection between Simon De Beauvoir’s existentialist philosophy and her ideas about feminism ‘Intersectional feminism’ – what the hell is it? (And why you should care) Today’s feminist movement is said to be in danger of losing momentum unless it recognizes … Continue reading Be a more informed feminist!

Understanding Time!

How your brain can control time?The three methods your mind uses to reverse, speed, and even slow the minutes. How different cultures understand time? Time may seem universal, but different cultures interpret it very differently. A Brief Economic History of TimeCapitalism changed how humans perceive the passage of hours, days, and weeks. This made people more productive, but did it make them any happier? Seneca … Continue reading Understanding Time!